Smart Data Platform

We believe that the unstructured content should have the same value and use like the structured data in the current stage of technology.

Our Smart Data Platform enables users to seamlessly use and integrate both structured and unstructured data.

Our platform is used in the Data Preparation process for Big Data, Data Analytics and Machine Learning applications.

DataPlatformThe main goal of the platform is to normalize and integrate the data that is stored in unstructured, semi-structured and structured content.

We use a set of different techniques and technologies to extract data from the unstructured content and map it to the semi-structured and structured content.

DataPlatform1The data unification process is driven the business ontology that is the golden source for the data extraction taxonomy, semantic tagging and structured data mapping.

The ultimate goal is to allow to use the data that is stored in the un-structured, semi-structured and structured content using a unique semantic meaning and unique query language.
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