Reference Data Center

The RDC is an industry utility created to provide participants and their clients with all the mutual fund information necessary to support their businesses from start to finish. The RDC acts not only as a central repository for documents relating to all U.S. based open-ended mutual funds, but transforms the unstructured data in these documents into actionable and verifiable insight using proprietary semantic technology.

rdc1RDC provides instant verification of data points by highlighting their source within the body of the original documentation right within the portal. It enables mutual fund providers to extract competitive insights from the documentation, with users able to quickly and easily perform competitive analysis and take advantage of inbuilt competitor monitoring tools, and provides customizable alerts for amendments filed with the SEC. The RDC utilizes a combination of machine learning, natural language processing and semantic technologies to aggregate and transform key data points automatically from mutual fund disclosure documentation, including prospectus summaries, shareholder reports and risk/return summaries. The resulting data and associated documents are then made available not only as text documents, but as customized data feeds direct to the data consumer.

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