Recognos Smart Data Platform

A platform designed to transform unstructured data into actionable/smart data

The Recognos Smart Data Platform mission is to unify structured and unstructured data in order to provide decision makers with data ready for analytics

Data preparation – The Recognos Smart Data Platform versus existing solutions




The Recognos Smart Data Platform provides the solution for extracting and transforming data from unstructured content and integrating it with structured data repositories


  • Customizable Extraction Taxonomy
    • Can be applied to any document set that has similar content, regardless of format.
    • Define and store multiple Extraction Taxonomies based on document type.
  • Ease of Use – Require no programing to deploy and to process new document types.
  • Proprietary Machine Learning Table Extraction – Recognize, extract and transform data from tables, based on your interactions and record the information for future use.
  • Format Agnostic – Transform and export the combined data into any format for greater flexibility.
  • Language Agnostic – Design to recognize most languages and translate data into the correct format without additional input.
  • OCR Compatible – Able to recognize and transform scanned documents and is compatible with most OCR scanning products.
  • No Technical Background Needed – The system can be trained by business people with no technical background.
  • Neural Networks based Machine Learning

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