What We Do

“I’m working on artificial intelligence. Actually, natural language understanding, which is to get computers to understand the meaning of documents. “
Ray Kurzweil – Inventor, Director of Engineering at Google

We believe that the unstructured content should have the same value and use like the structured data in the current stage of technology.

We are developing a Smart Data Platform that will make the use of unstructured data seamlessly integrated with the structured one. In order to achieve this, we developed ETI – a Human in the Loop Machine Learning platform used to extract data points from unstructured documents.

More about ETI you can read here.

One of the first application of the ETI platform is the Reference Data Center for Mutual Funds.

Our vision is the Smart Data Suite, that is being developed and will allow the unified processing of unstructured , structured and semi-structured data.




Systems for our Partners from the Investment Industry

We developed and continue to develop sophisticated systems for our partners from the Investment Industry.


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