Impressions after the Cluj Semantic WEB Meetup

October 8, 2015,

Yesterday we had the chance of supporting the Meetup Search in your network or search the World Wide Web hosted by the Cluj Semantic WEB Community. To mention a few highlights of our discussion: we were excited to discover more about the way Facebook feeds us the most relevant posts shared by friends in our network and by the pages we like. We also gained insights into the way the world’s largest social network selects the day’s most relevant events that are displayed in the trending news section. We learned some of the lesser known use cases: did you know that Facebook is a powerful tool for HR departments? The people in these departments often use the social engine to get to know better future and current employees by building their psychological profile based on each person’s shared public information. Cristina was kind enough to offer us some materials so for those of you who would like to take a closer look:


We will get back with the entire video as soon as it will be processed so that everyone will know all of Facebook’s secrets.


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