We believe we are the first customers for our solutions. We live by that belief day by day, as we use our Smart Data solutions to provide data to our customers.

Using our Smart Data Platform, we provide on a daily basis the information for the entire US Mutual Fund industry. Our team of analysts use our products to extract key data from public documents and feed them into the systems used by issuers and broker-dealers in the US Mutual Fund industry. Our work has reduced the time between the moment data gets published to the moment consumers can use it from 3 days to less than 24 hours, while ensuring a data accuracy rate of over 99.9%.

This successful deployment of our Smart Data Platform allows us to look into becoming providers for other types of financial data. We are currently deploying our solution for 401(k) documents, and we are using our technology to extract data from other financial and non-financial documents.

We are always looking for partnerships for other types of data. Contact us with your use case and we will get back to you.


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