Case Study: Mutual Fund Information

Recognos has built a Mutual Fund Information System for a Company offering mutual fund information services for the entire US Investment Industry.

Project Type:

Business Process Outsourcing
Product Development

Business Need:

The Mutual Fund industry in the US has been categorized as opaque, with hard-to-access information. All Mutual Funds companies are required to publish information on the funds they manage on the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) document base, and they do so in various forms and writing approaches. As unstructured information, written in “legaleze” (lawyer-talk), was the information basis, investment companies had a difficult time manually processing and validating important data from the hundreds-of-pages-long documents. The whole US mutual fund industry needed a change, in this aspect. Data more accessible, more easily readable, structured and available was the aim.

Business Solution:

Recognos has built a system that combines technology with business expertise and is able to process all documents listed by the SEC with regards to mutual funds in near-real time.

Business Results:

The project, a real success in the Mutual Fund broker niche, now offers investment companies fast and structured access to mutual fund listings and information, thus ensuring data accuracy, ease of access and of use. The data factory that produces the operational data for the US Mutual Fund Industry created an accurate repository of over 2,000,000 data points for over 20,000 mutual funds with embedded provenance information. Based on the data extracted from the SEC documents, many Mutual Fund companies found filing errors that resulted in re-filings with the US SEC, increasing drastically the compliance of the data helping both the investors, brokers and the financial companies that are managing these funds.


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