Recognos has built a Portfolio Rebalancing System for a major financial market player in the US Investment Industry.


Project Type:

Custom Systems Development

Business Need:

As more and more individuals are investing on the capital markets, the investment company needed to prepare so as to be able to handle a significant growth in the number of managed accounts. Thus, fast action on multiple accounts, fast effectiveness of the Financial Research Team results over portfolios, and less manual, error-prone human intervention were identified as a must.

Business Solution:

Recognos has built a system that offers the company the ability to manage all accounts and all portfolios at the same time. Through a complex investment product (investment model) management system, the financial analysts are able to easily control trade generation across all accounts at the same time, for each of them using the appropriate, contract-based investment strategy.

Business Results:

Based on the portfolio Rebalancing System developed by Recognos, the US Investment Management Company was able to scale its business from USD 1.5 Billion in 1998, to $50 Billion in 2013, in terms of managed assets.