Technology needs to serve every kind of organization, ranging from investment firms and banks to non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The Recognos Smart Data Platform enables all types of organizations to effectively leverage the information hidden in their unstructured data.

The Recognos RSDP NGO implementations address the needs that large NGOs have to access relevant information currently hidden in their document archives and make them available for intelligence reports. Some of the benefits Recognos can provide for NGOs:

  • Extract information from scanned document archives
  • Explore document archives and connect information from multiple sources
  • Gain insights into impact by linking different types of data
  • Complex report generation and reporting flexibility

“The implementation of the Recognos Smart Data Platform solution with the Open Society Archives (OSA) at the Central European University and the Roma Initiatives Office (RIO) at the Open Society Foundations, allowed us to extract valuable data buried in the documents from our archive. This project was a continuation of the OSA efforts to digitize our Roma archive, and to create a meaningful database by combining the data extracted from the unstructured documents and the data in our structured databases. We consider this an important step towards implementing data analytics processes that will identify the most efficient ways to maximize the impact of the Foundations’ projects in the target communities. The solution was a result of the fruitful cooperation between our team and the Recognos data analysts, software engineers and semantic experts. We hope to extend this solution and continue using it in our efforts to preserve the legacy of the foundations’ work.” Kinga Rethy, Acting Director, RIO.