Recognos has built a product that allows high visibility companies to monitor, in a structured way, all media content published on the Internet that is of interest for the marketing and image departments of the Company.


Project Type:

Product Development

Business Need:

For marketing departments, it is sometimes very difficult, and always expensive, to monitor all press articles or references to their company, that appear in the main stream media. Large companies need a means to automatically monitor and categorize important articles referencing them, in order for them to respond in good time, to identify potential customers or business improvements.

Business Solution:

Recognos has developed a system that monitors the social media, online newspapers and reference blogs thus gathering real-time information on the brand impact on the market. The system makes use of Semantic Technologies to disambiguate and categorize articles, thus leveraging the power of the latest technologies in offering the companies the shortest possible time in the article review process.

Business Results:

The system is used by one of the largest financial investment companies in the US and is extremely appreciated by the client. At the moment, the system monitors over 100 websites, processes over 10,000 articles per day, of which several hundreds are categorized as important.