Testimonials and references

About the Mutual Fund Information project:

Recognos continues to raise the bar for its technology capabilities, for its innovative thoughts, for its attention to detail, and certainly for its client support. Recognos employees are hard working, intelligent and dedicated who go above and beyond at every opportunity. What Recognos might lack in experience they make up in research, passion and a desire to learn.

Recognos doesn’t just look at their efforts as temporary, they engage themselves fully, not only meeting expectations but exceeding them on a regular basis. My involvement with Recognos in both enjoyable and educational and for both I am appreciative” (Ira Cohen, January 2014).

Ira Cohen is a mutual fund executive with more than 32 years of retail, offshore and institutional experience. Ira advises DTCC, FINRA, Commonwealth International Series Trust Funds, DST Systems, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs and the Ivy Funds. He also serves as an Independent Trustee for the Valued Advisers Trust Series of Funds , which currently has over $2 billion in assets. He served as senior vice president for dealer services/institutional services for AIM Investment Services as well as vice president for Prudential Mutual Fund Services and Bank of New York.


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